With the current CoVid 19 pandemic, Coerver Coaching will not engage in any live soccer related activties until we are cleared to do so and we can adhere to any new operating procedures issued. Player & coaches safety and wellbeing will always be considered over any commercial decision.

Despite the promising Government updates, currently we are still under Phase 1 lock down with FAI / HSE Guidelines stipulating there should be no organised soccer training until cleared by the FAI.

However, with the latest updates we are now prepared to take expressions of interest for players for all programs throughout Munster. To meet the required CoVid 19 regulation we perceive that we will need to reduce the number of players participating in our programmes. With this in mind we are now implementing a pre booking system that we will offer places on a first come first served basis. .

We are unable confirm specific times and dates at this time, but as soon as the venues are able to take bookings we will give priority to pre bookings first on available spaces.

To register simply fill out the form here REGISTER NOW

If you have any further questions email admin@coerver.ie

Remember to stay safe and continue to follow the CoVid 19 guidelines and hopefully we will see you all soon.

Yours in Sport

Jason Brown

Director Coerver Coaching Munster