Coerver Coaching
and Foundation Sports have collaborated for a range of multi sports and health initiatives for schools.

This will be kicked off with the Move It program, now available for schools throughout Ireland.

Move it

is a 6 week program that supports schools in increasing knowledge and understanding of physical activity, diet and nutrition.

The Worrying Facts

  • Only 19% of primary and 12% of post-primary school children meet the physical activity recommendations with girls less likely than boys to meet the recommendations and the likelihood of meeting the recommendations decreasing with increasing age;
  • 10% of active sports participants at primary school have dropped out of sport by the first year of post-primary;
  • One in four children are unfit, overweight or obese and have elevated blood pressure
  • 45% of Children chose watching TV as their favourite past time

From the work we do with our own Coerver Kids we recognise the benefits of sports participation for children, unfortunately they are becoming the minority. Recent studies as highlighted by Martin O’Neil this week are showing disturbing trends which  have a serious implications on the well being and health of our children and future adults. I feel as coaches we have a captive audience and a responsibility to create awareness and educate the players and parents we work with. The Move It program is well structured  and delivers really important messages in a child friendly manner, so well done to Foundation Sports and we look forward to working with them.

The training day was great fun but also very informative and some of the detail provided left all of us reflecting on our own lifestyle choices, if we have the same impact on every child we deliver the Move It program to then it will be a fantastic and worthwhile campaign.

Jason Brown Coerver Coaching Munster Director

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The Move It program is now available for National School pupils, for further details contact