France vs. Iceland is the last of four quarter finals of Euro 2016. We take a look at France’s star midfielder as we look forward to an interesting matchup. The France midfielder is undoubtedly well known for his long range shots but he offers a whole lot more to his teammates with his passing and ruggedness in midfield.



Name: Paul Pogba

Position: Centre midfield

Foot: Right

Country: France

Club: Juventus

Key attributes: Strong on the ball so he can retain possession easily, accurate long passing, good ball control, good vision, quick feet, likes to dribble with the ball.

Skills to watch out for: stepover, drag push, pull through stepover, can use outside of his foot, slap-cut, inside/outside cuts/twist offs, scissors, flip-flap.

Most effective when….. the ball is at his feet, surrounded by players, he manages to find space and find a teammate with a pass.