Germany take on Italy in the third Euro 2016 quarter final match this evening and there will surely be one person who will need to stand out in order to break down the Italian’s sturdy defence. Could that man be a young Julian Draxler? We take a look at the strong points of him game and where he might be effective against the Italian side who have only conceded against the Republic of Ireland.

drax ger 16


Name: Julian Draxler

Position: Winger/ Behind the striker

Foot: Right

Country: Germany

Club: Wolfsburg

Key attributes: Very strong at dribbling, can take on multiple players, very quick, likes to link up with players by exchanging one-two’s, can use his left, good finisher.

Skills to watch out for: inside and outside cuts/twist offs, drag push(uses his pace to accelerate past his opponent), stopover, drag-back push behind.

Most effective when….. in a 1v1 situation, driving fearlessly at a defence, running into space and shooting.