Hi Everyone

Thank you all for booking to attend our 2020 Summer Camp programme, we want every child to get the most of the sessions below are some simple guidelines.

  1. We will not be using any changing rooms, so can you please ensure that your child has a suitable bag for their clothes and lunches, with everything personalised, to avoid items getting misplaced.
  2. Have suitable clothing, if it rains we will be continuing with the sessions, if you do not want your child out in the rain you are welcome to collect them early.
  3. For breaks, water, fruit cereal bars,bread rolls, a few jelly sweets are ideal, bags maybe out in the sun all day so avoid foods that could melt. We encourage healthy eating at all camps energy drinks are not designed for Kids so please avoid them. If you can get personalised water bottles I would strongly advise to do so.
  4. Each child is responsible for maintaining their own hygine, so we would reccomend everyone to bring their own hand  cleanser or wipes.
  5. Where possible we will arrange groups to keep friends together and based around age groups, if your child would prefer to be in another group, get them to talk to the coaches.
  6. Main Camps start at 10.00am and finish at 2.00pm, older pre season sessions run 2:30 to 4:30pm we cannot accept any players before 9.45am and we want to avoid children congregating so can you all please manage this. If you arrive early please wait in your cars.
  7. We will maintain social distancing and CoVid 19 guideliens where possible, you can help by explaining prior to the camp what is best practice – hand hygine, 2m distancing, sneezing, etc.
  8. We have a responsibility to protect everyone, so if your child is unwell pease do not send them to the camp, if any child attends and is unwell they will be sent home.
  9. If you have been out of the country within 14 days prior to the camp, you must self isolate, you cannot attend.
  10. We expect everyone to follow one simple rule – treat everyone how they would like to be treated, if we feel any child’s conduct is unacceptable we will tell them, if they persist we will contact the parent to collect them.
  11. If you have any questions during the camp, speak to our staff we are more than happy to help.
  12. We have everyones details on our booking system, so all we need is your childs name on arrival, again to avoid groups of people, if possible try to get them to walk over on their own and give their own name to the coach.


Thanks again

Jason Brown

Coerver Coaching Director